Soleterre and Fondazione BNL: a collaboration that continues in favor of the children of Ukraine

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Since 2022, in the first year of the war in Ukraine, Soleterre’s collaboration with Fondazione BNL has been marked by great practicality. 

Between August and November 2022, Soleterre implemented the project “Rebuilding Hope” in Neslukiv, a small town near Lviv – Leopoli, to finally provide a home for about a hundred displaced people from Donbass, mostly children and fragile families. In record time, an old abandoned hostel was converted into a modern structure with 30 mini-apartments capable of accommodating families of various sizes and needs. 

Fondazione BNL contributed with a significant donation that covered the costs of systems and furnishings for 6 apartments, which were then inaugurated in a beautiful ceremony on November 20, 2022 (photo). 

In 2023, the collaboration continued with the even more ambitious project “Unbroken Kids,” aimed at creating in Lviv – Leopoli a facility with very advanced standards for the care of children wounded by the war, featuring a therapeutic pool for physical rehabilitation, physiotherapy rooms, and areas for psychological support provided by Soleterre’s operators. 

Once again, the support from Fondazione BNL was crucial and timely, allowing the completion of the therapeutic pool and physiotherapy rooms in the summer of 2023, which continue to care for the injured children today (photo). 

Collaborating with Fondazione BNL has been straightforward and tremendously beneficial” says Stefano Oltolini, Director of Partnerships and Fundraising for Soleterre. “From the first meeting, we found in Lorena Cristallini (Secretary General of Fondazione BNL) and the entire Foundation a great willingness to listen and empathetically engage with the dramatic events that children in Ukraine are forced to endure every day”. 

Lorena Cristallini confirms: “Faced with a seemingly endless war that continues to sow death and suffering, we could not remain indifferent, and – without hesitation – we decided to support the extraordinary ‘Unbroken Kids’ Project. In every conflict, from any era, it is precisely the children who are the first innocent victims, in need of the best possible care and attention.”