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Soleterre supports rural workers and workers of maquilas in El Salvador and is by their side to improve their economic conditions and to support them in demanding their rights as women and workers.

In El Salvador, women are the social category most subject to violence, along with that of young people, with the highest rate of femicide in the world. Violence is widespread at various levels: on the streets, in homes and at work, women’s safety and rights are too often not guaranteed.

We have started a project to improve the social and economic condition of working women in rural areas and in maquilas, the factories with foreign capital and management. Here women suffer the most from the high rate of gender inequality that pervades the country, preventing them from receiving treatment and compensation appropriate to their work.

Active in five territorial departments, the project aims to strengthen the technical and organizational skills of women and promote autonomous micro-entrepreneurial initiatives, ensuring their success and sustainability over time thanks to the involvement of local governments. Alongside the training of working women, the project includes family support activities that provide educational support for their children.