Partner with us

Soleterre is a humanitarian organization that works TOGETHER with lots of different stakeholders, fully aware that real social impact can be achieved only trough collaboration and by sharing expertise and resources.

Through the years, Soleterre has gained credibilty and support by national and international Institutional Partners like the European Union, the UN agencies system, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National and Regional Italian authorities, and extended networks of different faith-based institutions (all religions) because of its track-record of transparent reporting and capacity to deliver results within complex multidimensional programs.

Soleterre has also a growing network of Philantropic Foundations (from Italy to the US, from Switzerland to other European Countries) supporting its intervention. Being able to dialogue with the philantropic ecosystem requires respect, flexibility, data-driven approach and a diligent reporting on the use of funds.

Similarly Soleterre has a growing number of Corporates willing to support its projects as a part of their corporate social responsibility. National and Global Companies like Soleterre because they invest on projects that deliver real social impact, engage employees and build corporate image.

If you want to open a dialogue and find together the best way to collaborate, feel free to contact Stefano Oltolini, Director of Strategic Partnerships.