Mission & Values

Soleterre envisions a world where the universal right to health is realized, transcending social, economic, and cultural disparities. Our foundation is dedicated to a holistic understanding of health, encompassing psycho-physical and social well-being. In addition to ensuring medical care and assistance, Soleterre actively safeguards and promotes the overall well-being of individuals worldwide, regardless of their social conditions.

Our commitment extends globally, intervening wherever inequity, inequality, and violence impede the right to health. We firmly believe that health is a form of social justice.

In 2022, Soleterre spearheaded 80 projects across 8 countries, including Italy, Ukraine, Poland, Uganda, Morocco, Ivory Coast, El Salvador, and Burkina Faso. This multi-faceted approach allowed us to support 34 health centers, manage 7 shelters, and initiate 7 medical-scientific research projects. Our dedicated team of 54 headquarters staff in Italy collaborated with 108 external professionals, while 17 teams, comprising a total of 71 local staff members, were deployed abroad.

The collective impact of these projects reached 62,196 individuals, providing them with essential treatments, training, and interventions, fostering positive change and advancing the cause of health as a fundamental human right.