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In Italy Soleterre offers psycho-social support to counter the phenomenon of gender violence, to prevent and fight the aggressive behavior of men towards women that can lead to physical, verbal and psychological violence, to murder.

According to the ISTAT data of 2014, in Italy one out of three women – between 16 and 70 years – has been a victim in the life of a man’s aggression, for a total of almost 7 million people. Violence against women includes physical, verbal, psychological and sexual assaults, can go as far as killing and is perpetrated especially within the family, often in the presence of children, even very small children. Violence against women is a serious violation of human rights which unfortunately still afflicts our society today.

Since December 2013 Soleterre collaborates with the Tiziana Vive network supporting the Health Psychology Help Desk, opened at the Health House of Landriano (PV) and made up of experienced and group consultant, with an in-depth knowledge of the territory both in terms of problems and in terms of healthcare network.
The goal is to offer listening, understanding and psychological support to those who live in a situation at risk and/or victims of gender violence, to ensure that they know how to recognize, prevent, defend themselves and seek justice for the injuries suffered.

Download here the Decalogue to learn to recognize the signs of violence.

This is accompanied by awareness-raising activities to spread awareness of the phenomenon and the resources available to women and families in difficulty in the project area.