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Another company has decided to support us!
It was a beautiful, very touching and exciting visit. We had a direct confirmation of the importance of Soleterre’s work for children in Pavia and we will do our utmost to enhance our full support for your projects”.

These fine words ended the visit of Roberta Vitella and Simona Bordin from Itaprochim to the Day-Hospital and to the pediatric Oncoematology department of San Matteo in Pavia, where Soleterre has been working since 2012.
Thanks to the support of Itaprochim and other #Companies4Good, the network of business partners that support our foundation, it was possible to strengthen and expand the psychological support service offered to cancer children, to their families, volunteers and medical workers working in such a complex environment.

We finally have the opportunity to have a professional here every morning at the Day Hospital and the department, and we are thus able to take care of a larger number of users, improving at the same time the quality of the service we offer”, said Damiano Rizzi, Soleterre’s President and himself Clinical psychologist, specialized in Psycho-oncology.

A special thanks was also given to the great volunteers of the Amici del 4° piano, a group of volunteers for Soleterre who made possible the meeting between the company and the organization, and contributed with the fundraising to the strengthening of the program.

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