House of Hope opened in Morocco

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The “Dar Amal” House, House of Hope in Marrakesh, Morocco, was inaugurated on 22 September 2022, thanks to the collaboration between Soleterre and the local association AMAL and with the fundamental contribution of the Andreotti & Brusone Philanthropy Fund.
The House joins the other 6 managed by Soleterre in Italy (Pavia and Taranto), Ukraine (Kiev), Uganda (Gulu), Ivory Coast (Abidjan) and Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou).

Amal, which in the local language (Moroccan Arabic) means “Hope”, is the name of the association with which Soleterre has been collaborating for 5 years in the central-southern area of ​​Morocco, for the support program for pediatric oncology services and therefore, to help children with cancer and their families to see their right to psychophysical care and well-being fully realized.
The first 5 years of partnership with the Amal association were entirely dedicated to raising awareness in schools, training local doctors and other field activities, but with a common vision: that of one day being able to expand the panorama of reception of sick children and their families, in an extremely vast area of ​​Morocco. For the pediatric oncology, the entire center-south of the country is headed by the hospital in Marrakesh and therefore, potentially, we are talking about millions of people if we consider the territorial extension and the population density of the area – Morocco it currently has about 30 million inhabitants, one third of whom live in the center-south.

On 18 September 2022, after an extremely dense and complex path to finalize the construction and have all the necessary permits in the middle of the pandemic period, AMAL and Soleterre were finally able to inaugurate «DAR AMAL”: literally, the House of Hope.
Three floors, 13 rooms, one of which for people with physical disabilities, and 30 beds in total as well as a kitchen, day room, reception and outdoor area, as well as a large terrace. The House is located in a quiet and residential neighborhood of Marrakesh, in front of a sports field.
A transport service is activated to allow patients to reach the hospital and carry out their chemotherapy cycles. Everything is managed by an entirely local team: director, guardian, hygiene officer and daytime activities are also provided thanks to a psychologist and an educator that will allow, as in all the houses managed by Soleterre, to make living a less traumatic experience at the family unit and not to make the child lose the school year.

“We are truly happy for the opening of House Dar Amal, a fundamental project to expand and improve the welcome and care for children with cancer and their families,” said Damiano Rizzi, President of Soleterre. “We are grateful to the Andreotti & Brusone Philanthropy Fund which through the American Friends of Soleterre in the USA has generously contributed to the furnishing and start-up costs of the structure”.

Lamberto Andreotti and Pino Brusone from Andreotti & Brusone Philanthropy Fund stated: “We’re glad to have contributed to the implementation of this new House, a protected space where children can play and study while attending medical treatments. It’s also important they’re together with their parents in the House, because this is contributing emotionally and psychologically to the process of cure. The project is totally aligned with the mission and goals of our Philanthropy Fund e of the newborn Fondazione Andreotti Brusone”.

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