Great against cancer - Ukraine

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In Ukraine, Soleterre intervenes in the pediatric wards of oncology and neurosurgery in Kiev and L’viv to bring medical care and support the young cancer patients even through a shelter designed for psychophysical recovery.
In Ukraine, child mortality rates for cancer are higher than the European averages: if 75-80% of children are cured in Europe, this percentage is 55.5% in Ukraine. The main cause of such a low survival rate is the delay in the diagnosis and the lack of medical-surgical instruments and medicines. They are in fact charged to the families because the funds from the Ministry of Health are scarce.

Soleterre has been intervening since 2003 in the various aspects that contribute to the healing of young patients: psychological assistance, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, the supply of consumables and necessary equipment. In 2009, a Halfway House was opened to reduce the period of hospitalization and restore serenity and spaces of intimacy to the families of sick children.

After years of work in Ukraine, in 2008 Soleterre supported the birth of the local association: Zaporuka, which has become a partner of the project and is responsible for on-site activities in the pediatric wards and in the Halfway House.