Great against cancer - Morocco

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In the pediatric oncology departments of Fes and Rabat, Soleterre guarantees both medical care and psychosocial support to children with cancer and their families, and training of health personnel.
The health situation in Morocco has improved over the last twenty years, to the point that 60-70% of Moroccan children with cancer have access to care facilities, even if both human and material resources are insufficient.
And this is precisely the situation in which the intervention of Soleterre is inserted: a fund has been activated for the purchase of medicines and for the payment of laboratory analysis, there have been and will be holding training meetings for pediatricians and doctors and activities for the sensibilization of maternal and child health, sexual and reproductive health, and prevention of female and pediatric cancers.
Soleterre collaborates with the associations L’Avenir in Fes and Rabat for projects of psychological support and socio-emotional rehabilitation of cured children and adolescents.