Fondation d'Harcourt and Soleterre for the COVID psychological support

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One year after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy, Soleterre presents data on the results of the psychological support project aimed at health professionals, patients and families affected by the virus, and then expanded to children and adolescents throughout Italy.

There were a total of 2,758 people who have so far benefited from the intervention, including 1,437 children in schools, 168 parents, 288 teachers, 515 members of healthcare staff, 85 Covid-19 patients, 83 members of their families and 182 persons who did not contract the virus or work in Covid-19 wards but who suffered the psychological consequences of the pandemic – for a total of 2,833 interviews in 11 months – 378 of which were held in hospital, 2,168 remotely or in presence throughout the national territory and 287 meetings in schools.
In the triage phase, patients underwent a test to detect the presence of transversal symptoms from post-traumatic stress Covid-19 and thus be able to outline the type of therapeutic path most suitable. Of the 148 tests carried out to date, 34% have developed severe depression, 24% have developed severe rabies, 45% have developed severe anxiety, 24% have experienced severe sleep changes and 24% have used severe substances.

The work of Soleterre is made possible thanks to psychologists and operators activated on the front line by the organization, and is financed thanks to the support of citizens, companies and foundations that believe in the project. Among the most important Foundations, Soleterre wishes to thank the Swiss Fondation d’Harcourt, which supported the launch of the Covid-19 National Psychological Support Fund in summer 2020 and relaunched the commitment at the beginning of 2021 with the increase of cases on a national scale.

“As of 11 March 2020, from the official declaration of the pandemic from Covid-19 by the World Health Organization, Soleterre has worked to guarantee free high quality psychological support to all the Italian population, starting with patients with Covid-19 and health workers committed to saving their lives. A completely self-financed experience that did not cost 1 euro to the National Health System,” says Damiano Rizzi, President of Soleterre.
“We are particularly grateful to the Fondation d’Harcourt for the support for the project expressed in 2020 and continued at the beginning of 2021 – continues Rizzi – as evidence of how the issue of psychological support in situations of fragility is a priority for both organizations”.

Gaia Montauti d’Harcourt, managing director: “The Fondation d’Harcourt has been supporting projects and organisations for years aimed at improving the living conditions of people with mental health problems and their families. The conditions created as a result of the pandemic have highlighted the need for psychological support both for families and communities who felt vulnerable for the first time, and for medical staff at the forefront in the fight against COVID-19. The partnership with Soleterre, whose professional and human approach impressed us from the outset, was born from the need to respond to these needs. The constant presence of the Soleterre team in the hospital environment even in extremely difficult conditions and the ability of Soleterre to build a network of psychological support at the national level has consolidated our esteem for their work and their organization”.

Soleterre’s psychological support project is today a National Network of psychologists and psychotherapists that continues every day to ensure listening and attention to all the population in economic, emotional and social difficulties due to the pandemic.

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