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In Morocco there are strong socio-economic disparities between urban centers and peripheral areas. The illiteracy rate is 34% in urban areas compared to 67% in rural areas.
Moreover, in recent years Morocco has become a country of return of Moroccans and of destination for migrants coming mainly from Sub-Saharan Africa to which the State is not able to ensure adequate socio-economic support. Some social categories, such as that of unmarried or divorced mothers, are particularly disadvantaged in their social and professional integration. Finally, many abandoned children – often the children of unmarried mothers, forced to separate from them to be accepted again – grow up in state recovery centers, which make their future a sad certainty of instability.

In general, even in a context of general rapid development and dynamism, there are still imbalances and disservices, especially at the expense of the population that does not access services (educational, health, etc.) private.

Realized in partnership with the foundations CARIPLO and Peppino VISMARA, the program Country encloses in itself 13 years of work history of Soleterre on the ground and promotes the employment of disadvantaged young people, the start-up of innovative social enterprises and the training of local associations on issues still not widespread, such as private fundraising, direct management of international projects and social communication.

With the participation of local communities and institutions, it is therefore planned to create innovative tools and solutions able to enhance basic services (education, health, etc.) and to favor the employment of young people and the most disadvantaged social groups.