Emergency response

In 2022, Soleterre launched a Humanitarian Emergency program in response to the war in Ukraine. The program provided vital services, including medical, psychological, housing, and food support, to displaced individuals, children with cancer, and war-wounded, alongside their families. Collaborating with partners, the program evolved into a comprehensive set of interventions covering care, training, assistance, and awareness initiatives.

The conflict in Ukraine severely impacted the healthcare system, particularly for children with cancer. Leveraging its presence since 2003, Soleterre immediately treated children in dire conditions and facilitated their evacuation through the SAFER Ukraine program. Simultaneously, the organization responded to the harsh winter conditions and lack of amenities by providing emergency response services, distributing necessities, and rehabilitating housing for families from war zones.

In Poland, Soleterre is recognized as a benchmark for mental health support, with a team of psychologists and cultural mediators assisting Ukrainian refugees in various settings. Concurrently, as medical evacuation flights are organized, Soleterre stands prepared to welcome oncology patients from Ukraine. “Casa Soleterre” in Pavia provides housing and support for families near the Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo.