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In El Salvador Soleterre promotes the central role of young people in the community and is committed to the strengthening of peaceful cohabitation and a culture of peace through innovative educational actions, artistic expression and professional training in the Municipalities of Mejicanos, Soyapango and Chalatenango.
In this country children are daily victims of social exclusion, lack of educational, work and recreational opportunities and are exposed to cultural models that propose violence as the only method for resolving disputes.

Soleterre’s intervention in the municipality of Mejicanos aims, through the arts and culture, to actively involve young people in social life, making them protagonists of the change and promotion of peaceful coexistence at the community level. Young people are invited to participate and implement educational and recreational programs and their parents sensitized on the need for the community to offer them healthy opportunities for free time.

The project allowed to set up two Youth Houses with materials for dance, theater, music, circus and plastic arts in which to organize artistic and educational workshops for over 400 young beneficiaries. The project involves a total of 8 thousand people.

Project realized with the contribution of