Coronavirus: our activities on the front line

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We too in Soleterre decided to attend Giulio Gallera’s, welfare assessor of Regione Lombardia, public call to NGO.

At the Policlinico San Matteo Hospital in Pavia from today on our psychologists are there also for the staff in the wards involved in the handling of Coronavirus’ emergency, but still caring on the psychological support in pediatric oncohematology.

Our presence in the wards of intensive care unit, first aid and infectious diseases

In a few hours thanks to our experience in war zones and healthcare emergency situations we have been able to add to our team 10 new psychologist, there to assist non only patients, families, but also medical and healthcare staff, working in intensive care unit, first aid and infectious diseases at “San Matteo” in Pavia.Our medical and healthcare staff working at the hospital is facing this crisis doing whatever it takes and even more.

They are working in extremely hard conditions and being offered psychological support is helping them to face the day and get over it.

Our support to patients with cancer and their relatives

For children and teenagers affected by cancer as well for their relatives at Pavia’s Hospital we have set up a new free webcam helpline.
In a crisis period like this one, those people risk to feel even more lonely and disoriented. The right to information is a patient’s fundamental right, which gives a person’s dignity back and it results being extremely important for them to be able to speak to some of our psychologists.

Coronavirus: remote psychological support

We did the same, a free helpline by webcam or phone call, for all people having a relative hospitalized for Coronavirus at the Policlinico San Matteo Hospital in Pavia.
Patients affected by COVID-19 are in fact isolated in intensive care unit. Our goal is to give psychological support, to those worried families, that can’t meet their loved ones.


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