By the side of the Defenders of human rights

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In Uganda Soleterre supports Human Rights Defenders, in particular those who protect the rights of LGBTI people, in dealing with the most difficult situations and reacting to emergencies that threaten their safety.

In Uganda, human rights defenders, activists and journalists are in constant danger. Because of their activities in defense of rights, truth and justice, they are subjected to arbitrary restrictions on their fundamental freedoms, such as freedom of expression, assembly and information. Defenders are often exposed to even more serious consequences such as physical attacks on the person and family, intimidation, illegal deprivation of liberty, harassment and defamation. It is a highly risky situation that many defenders and organizations cannot handle.

Soleterre, together with East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defender Project – EHAHRDP, intervenes with security information and assistance activities, promotes the inclusion of rights defenders, activists and journalists in the international context and organizes training sessions on the protection of their work and that of the organization to which they belong.

To elaborate on the actuality regarding the human rights situation in Uganda with news and updates, the online website is: