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Soleterre’s structure has three main functions: decision-making, operational and control.

In order to regulate the distinction between the various functions, the organization has a statute, regulations and an organization chart. The statutory bodies determine the decisions and the strategic guidelines of the Organization’s management and are responsible for the activities and control of the economic-financial results and social utility in response to the mission.

By statute, the bodies of the Organization are the College of Participants currently composed of 13 members and the Board of Directors which has 5 members including the President of the Organization.

The directors currently in charge are: :

  • Damiano Rizzi – President
  • Paolo Bettinelli – Vice President
  • Luigi Manelli      – Advisor
  • Gian Paolo Montini  – Advisor
  • Sonia Valeria Dehò – Advisor

The current Statutory Auditor is Dr. Giorgio Ghizzoni.

The Soleterre Organization has produced an ethical code and a child protection policy to treat and protect beneficiaries’ data.

Stefano Oltolini, Head of Fundraising

Tiziano Blasi, Head of Programs