Statute and budget of Soleterre Foundation

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NGO (non-governmental organization)

In 2014 Soleterre was transformed from an association to a participated organization (see transformation report). In its work it respects principles and values given in his statute. Soleterre is an NGO (non-governmental organization) recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is registered in the “Register of bodies and associations that carry out activities for immigrants” at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies.

It is registered in the “Register of Associations and Organizations that carry out activities in the field of fight against discrimination” at Unar.

Soleterre is a member of the UICC, Union for International Cancer Control.


In 2020 Soleterre through its commitment and its activities helped defend the rights and improve the living conditions of over 22,000 children, women and men in the world.
Thanks to those who support us and work with us to ensure that equality, solidarity and justice don’t remain only words!