A family home for children in care in Taranto

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In less than two years together with you we showed the children with cancer in Taranto that they were not alone: we were able to start the activity of psychological support, we brought 2 interns…But now we have a new project: to create a family home for the children in care in Taranto.

We have already talked in recent months about how much – because of the pollution of the area – cancer is in constant and terrible increase in the population of that area and not only, data emerged also by the National Institute of Health. Only in Puglia every year there are 21,000 new diagnoses of cancer and 10,000 deaths: childhood cancer in Taranto has an average of +54% compared to the rest of the region…

This high incidence causes the SS. Annunziata hospital is a central and very important reality in the life of families who find themselves with a diagnosis of childhood cancer. At the moment, the hospital has 5 beds for ordinary patients and 4 chairs for chemotherapy and support therapies, but every day at the Day Hospital access about 5-6 pediatric patients with cancer.

The next challenge: our Family home project

Given the growing number of patients who come to the pediatric Oncohematology department and who often come from outside the city and region, we decided to take on a new challenge.
We want to create a family home where to host for the duration of day care families who come from outside the city, and also start a day multifunctional facility for the city of Taranto, where to promote services and initiatives aimed at the socio-educational inclusion of children, young people and families.

Our experience abroad with the houses of welcome and the experience developed in all these years will certainly help us in this case too to be able to give a useful service to families in all respects, but above all to guarantee to the children and their parents a quiet, familiar and serene place with dedicated staff.

The local institutions and friends of SIMBA Odv will help us, but we will always need your financial support.

We cannot leave these children and families alone who are already facing the tragedy of the disease.

Let’s give them a place to call HOME.

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